Evaluation for 9 webinars that are now available as an IPM course.

Please go to the campus extension tab and pick one of the 9 courses to take and receive a certificate.

Dr. Vera Krischik, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Minnesota, krisc001@umn.edu, who performs research and extension on landscape, nursery and greenhouse crops, nontarget effects of insecticides, and IPM.

This table shows the participant learning for the 9 previously held webinars. All of the webinars are now available at campus extension as an IPM short course with certificate. If you wish to take one of these webinars, click on the "Campus extension" tab on this website.

Three surveys were given to the participants of all 9 webinars.  An evaluation survery and a pre- and post- webinar technical knowledge survey, which was given to understand how much the participant learned. In the table below are some of the data from those 3 surveys.

The third column indicates the persons knowledge before and after the webinar as stated in the evaluation survey. The fourth column indicates the persons response to whether they learned alot in the evaluation survey. The fifth column is the score of correct answers for the  pre- and post- webinar  technical knowledge survey.

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