Krischik's Bee & Butterfly Research News

  • Monarch on habitat adjacent to pesticide drift

Watch the busy Krischik lab in action conducting research on biocontrols and pesticide effects: Monarchs, Painted Lady Butterflies, Bumble bees, Beetle banks, Pesticide drift and more.

potting plants for butterflies and bees

Potting plants for rearing butterflies and bees 

plants for butterflies and bumble bees

Plants on Rose plot growing for bumble bees and butterflies include a variety of milkweed, hysop, mallow and yellow bells. June 2019


monarch on tropical milkweed

Monarchs inside greenhouse cages feeding and laying eggs on host plant, swamp milkweed.


monarch cages in greenhouse

Monarchs like to have a lot of room to fly, nest and feed in the greenhouse monarch cages.


rearing monarchs crysalis

Monarch pupae (crysalis) hanging on cage sides in greenhouse.

butterfly rearingButterfly rearing.  Left: monarch caterpillars on milkweed, Right: Painted lady butterflies on mallow.  


monarch feeding nectar

Monarch butterfly feeding on imitation diet (nectar) from watermelon. Monarchs must be fed the first two days. They must learn to use their probiscus soon after emerging from pupae.


Mallow leaves in water pix for bioassay study on Painted lady butterflies.

applying insecticide to mallow

Researcher Gutierrez-Moreno applying insecticide to mallow leaves for bioassay with Painted lady butterflies.

painted lady butterfly on mallow

Painted lady butterflies in rearing cages in greenhouse, egg laying on mallow host plants.

painted lady butterfly pupae

Painted lady butterfly pupae hainging on butterfly cage fabric for rearing.



drift study

Potato field adjacent to habitat for drift study.

potato plant sprayed

Potato plants sprayed with insecticide


adjacent habitat next to potato field

Adjacent habitat to potato field with bumble bee and purple prairie clover.


beetle banks

Setting up beetle banks with compost, hay bales and bee huts at St. Croix Regional Park for beneficial insect habitat study


installing wild bee huts

Researcher Untereker and Research Assistant Nguyen, setting up wild bee huts at beetle bank St. Croix Regional Park east site.

mason wasp in bee hut

Mason wasp, in wild bee hut. Called mason wasps because they use mud as partitions between their brood cells in cavities like these hollow stems.

leafcutter bee

Leafcutter bee hibernation chamber inside shoot from bee hut, Oct 8, 2019

beetle banks at park

Beetle banks awaiting beneficial insects to set up nesting and overwintering areas

counting beetle bank insects

Entomoligst Monson counting overwintered insects at beetle bumps in St. Croix Regional Park east site.

krischik identification of insects

Dr. Krischik identifying insects at beetle bank site, october 2019

bumble bee disection

Researcher Balaxashvilii disecting honey from bumble bee hives in lab.